An icon and identity system for a three-day conference at the Academy of Medicine in New York City. The conference consists of lectures, discussions, and workshops related to politics, media, and freedom in America.

Each topic is signified by its own unique icon that also works as part of a larger system to create a graphic pattern. The website contains a schedule of events, speaker biographies, and additionally serves as a resource of information that is easily and enjoyably navigated to learn more about important issues.



Using a process of free association, I created preliminary sketches of images related to the concept of freedom. The final design and identity system is inspired by the Charles and Ray Eames film Powers of Ten and borrows from the visual language of an eye chart, using icons in place of letters.  

What is freedom? Are modern Americans free? America was founded by individuals who were critical of their institutions, imagined how they could be better, and then took action toward constructive improvement. This conference engages participants to exercise their freedom simply by questioning it. 


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